Harshavardhan Reddy Chairman Aura Education Group Launches Successful Government PPP Model in Panipat

Harsha Vardhan Reddy a dynamic leader, a successful lawyer who heads the world largest education group, Aura Education Group inaugurated a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model with Government of Haryana on the 7th July 2014 called the Panipat ITI (W).

The project, Panipat (ITW) took a near about time of approximately to 3 years for completion. The project had to be passed and a number of permissions were to be taken from various departments of the state and central government.

Harsha Vardhan Reddy who is commonly known as HVR while addressing the people present on the day of inauguration said that
“This particular project, a government PPP initiative needed a leader which had extraordinary leadership qualities, as there several challenges that came in the way while the project was under process. The project needed a strong driving force which could ensure the completion of project within the stipulated time irrespective of the obstacle that came in the way. Also there was need of constant follow up. There were many reasons that were causing delay in getting permissions hence, there was also the need for understanding and solving those reasons, this in itself was project that needed constant attention”

HVR further commented that the efforts which were put in by each and every member involved in the project was worth it. This project basically aims at benefitting the girls of Panipat by providing them with skills that can help them earn a livelihood in the future.

harshavardhan reddy ITI panipat AURA

Harsha vardhan reddy ITI panipat AuraHarshavardhan reddy panipat iti aura


Harsha Vardhan Reddy the head of Aura Education Group in Delhi who is also an influential personality of the country has been able to put into operation many charity networks across the nation which mainly aim at eliminating poverty from the Indian subcontinent nation. The visionary and owner of the largest business community of India firmly believes in the following saying “Charity sees the need, not the cause”. The leader with a strong vision, Harsha Vardhan Reddy along with his father, Maram Reddy Sarangapani have set up a foundation called Save and Relief Foundation, which basically works for the rehabilitation of people who have been victims of natural disasters across India.
HVR has always believed in the fact that charity can eradicate poverty through united effort of people. This belief of HVR has resulted in people seeking relief and livelihood in large group under his guidance and help. For more information on Harsha Vardhan Reddy of Reddy Groups please visit: http://aura.edu.in/ and http://harshavardhanreddy.com/

Here are few pictures that reflect the empowerment of woman and girls in India:

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